Maria Luisa Dagond

Maria Luisa Dangond is a Wellness Mentor who specializes in lifestyle and behavioral change, effective communication, emotional IQ, thought process awareness, and weight loss and management. Maria Luisa guides professionals from various industries into discovering the core fears and emotional challenges that are getting between them and the results they want to achieve. With her passion for communication and human behavior, she has become clients’ missing link into developing a powerful physical and emotional presence in various areas of their lives.
Maria Luisa’s passion for coaching was sparked back in 2003 when she was introduced to a personal development course called Landmark Education. She participated in their courses for three years where she was trained to coach and lead to small groups of people. To further deepen her coaching and communication skills she received her Master Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
“NLP is a study of human experience, communication, thinking, language and behavior. It focuses on how the mind works, how we use communicate both with ourselves and with others and our patterns of behaviors. Changes using NLP can be made quickly and permanently as it reprograms the unconscious mind and changes unwanted beliefs for more useful ones.”

Lauren Baker

Lauren is a restorative yoga instructor and lifestyle coach. Her mission is to inspire others to overcome internal obstacles that keep them blocked from feeling empowered and confident.
Her yoga classes focus on transforming the mind and physical body through playful, light hearted movement. Build your confidence, reduce anxiety and nourish your spirit while having fun.
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Brooke Taylor

Brooke is an explorer, spiritual innovator, connector, feminist, positivist, yogi, Californian, and honorary Canadian. Brooke first started identifying as a spiritual seeker when she was 20 years old and looking for meaning outside of her college dorm and party-scene. Brooke’s mission is to inspire a new wave of mindful female leaders who organize themselves and their worlds around their own notions of well-being and success. This mission was born when at age 12 she created wellness clubs at her all girls school in Palo Alto, CA. She currently works at Google in New York City, and is a student of A Course In Miracles.