Q: What is the Constellation Society?

The Constellation Society is a community that holds space for female-seekers to come together to uncover our highest notions of what it means to thrive as individuals and as a collective. We may differ in profession as entrepreneurs, business execs, mothers, bankers, or coaches, but we are all seekers and visionaries. We are ushering in a new wave of mindful female leadership where our lives, families, communities, businesses, and nations are organized according to our highest Self-defined notions of well-being and success.

Q: Do I have to be sober to be a member

Although the majority of our members live a sober lifestyle, this is not a requirement. This is an alcohol-free weekend with the purpose of renewal and increased health.

Q: I already have my support groups, spirit sisters, and Hamptons house for the summer. Why should I attend a Constellation Society gathering or become a member?

Great question. The Constellation Society creates unique opportunities for our members to  integrate all of the above while also offering a platform for professional growth and development in a nurturing environment. 

Q: What type of networking opportunities are available?

While we are not a networking group, we support professional networking as a natural by-product of being around dope women for a weekend. Share in your revolutionary vision, and thought leadership and make some professional magic. Ideation is always encouraged.

Q: Do I have to be located in NYC to be a member?

Absolutely not! We welcome you to connect with us and join our upcoming events.

Q: I’m a photographer (yoga instructor, health coach, entrepreneur) and would like to offer my service at a retreat. What opportunities exist for this skill development and skill sharing?

This is what the Constellation Society is all about! We want women to feel comfortable sharing their skills with other women. Whether you’ve been a health coach for 10 years and want to offer consultations, or just got your Yoga Teacher Cert and want a safe space to develop your flow sequence, you are welcome to bring this skill to share it with others. Reach out to theconstellationsocietynyc@gmail.com so we can fit you onto our retreat calendar.

Q: I’m a photographer (yoga instructor, health coach, entrepreneur) and would like to offer my service at a retreat. Do you offer discounts to members who offer a class or activity at a retreat?

If you would like to attend the full retreat and share your skill, discounts can be discussed on a case by case basis! Please reach out to theconstellationsocietynyc@gmail.com and we can chat!